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Zootpack's Premium Rolling Bundle

Zootpack's Premium Rolling Bundle

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The Zootpack Premium Rolling Bundle

Kick back and roll with ease using the Zootpack Premium Rolling Bundle. It's the ultimate chill-out kit, blending functionality with a cool, relaxed vibe. We've doubled up on the essentials and thrown in some top-notch gear to elevate your rolling game.

🌟 Here's what's included:

Zootpack Rolling Tray:

  • Meet your new rolling headquarters, spacious enough to keep all your gear in place. Its sleek design not only looks great but also makes rolling and cleanup as easy as a breeze.

Twice the Skins:

  • We've got you covered with double our usual amount of ultra-smooth rolling papers. They’re thin, durable, and provide an even burn, perfect for every roll. You won’t run out anytime soon, so keep the good times rolling.

Twice the Roach Cards:

  • Forget about scrounging for scraps to make roach cards. We're giving you double the amount of our sturdy, easy-to-roll roach cards. They’re just the right thickness to give your roll support without taking away from the flavor.

Zootpack Metal Grinder:

  • Made from durable metal, it's built to last and grinds your herbs to the perfect consistency every time. Its sharp teeth effortlessly cut through herbs, making your prep work quick and easy.

Zootpack Metal Doob Tube:

  • Keep your pre-rolls safe and sound in this stylish metal doob tube. It’s airtight, keeping your rolls fresh and odor-free. Plus, its solid build means your pre-rolls are protected no matter where you take them.

💨 Why You'll Love This Bundle:

  • Ample Supplies: With double the papers and roach cards, you're set for the long haul.
  • Quality Gear: The metal grinder and doob tube bring durability and class to your sessions.
  • Flexibility: Great for a chill solo session or a group hangout.
  • Gift-Ready: An excellent choice for the rolling enthusiast in your life.

With the Zootpack Premium Rolling Bundle, you’re not just rolling; you’re upgrading to a smoother, more enjoyable experience. It’s the perfect mix of style, quality, and convenience for your chill sessions.

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